Rental Properties


Finding a rental in Northern New Jersey is not an easy task!  Most landlords require employment verification, renter’s insurance, credit check, first month’s rent, and a month and a half worth of rent for a security deposit.   On top of that, you will most likely pay a Realtor’s fee of one month’s rent.


The process of having your credit checked can be scary.  You may wonder who is getting my personal information? Will my personal information be secure?  How can I divulge my credit score without jeopardizing the safety of my personal information? These are common questions.   Michael Kaplan and Coldwell Banker have a safe and perfect solution.  Michael belongs to the National Tenant Network – a resource where you can pay a small fee of $25 to have your credit history analyzed and a safe narrative can be produced that will be acceptable by Realtors and Landlords.  Click Here To Get Started

Pet-Friendly Rentals

If you have pets, you will want Michael Kaplan’s help in identifying pet-friendly rentals.  Michael has access to landlords that offer pet-friendly options for your companion.