Cryto Real Estate Agent

Not only can Michael Kaplan help you with buying and selling real estate using traditional methods, but Michael is also a certified Crypto Real Estate Agent affiliated with the Propy network.

Are you a buyer who has Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, XRP, and other cryptocurrencies in your wallet?  Would you like to purchase a home in record time using blockchain technology and AI?  How about not having to convert those coins into Fiat?  Contact Michael Kaplan at 201-951-3221 to get started!

Are you a seller who would like to put your home in front of a greater marketplace?  Now Michael Kaplan can help give your property international attention by listing it on Propy.  Even if you don’t want to receive crypto for your home, Michael can now help you sell your home for crypto and have it instantly converted into American dollars.

Michael Kaplan Realtor Crypto Real Estate AgentNew Jersey

Michael Kaplan Realtor Crypto Real Estate Agent